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Deals: Toshiba 3TB Stor.E Canvio sells for under £80, Blank Blu-ray disc approach £1

The Toshiba Store.E Canvio external hard drive is a regular pick in our tech deals section and that's partly due to its excellent value for money proposition. It is the first (and only) 3TB drive we could pick for less than £80 at online retailer Ebuyer. At 2.67p, it is by far the cheapest hard disk drive (as far as price per Gigabyte is concerned).

The device comes with a USB 3.0 connection (essential for transferring large quantities of data), back up and encryption software (NTI Backup Now EZ software), a two-year warranty and a rather stylish design.

Note that this is a 3.5in model which means that you won't be able to run it without the bundled power supply unit. We're also unsure whether you can pry open the chassis easily to take out the hard disk drive.

In addition, you can pick 50 blank Blu-ray discs from Amazon for just over £25, which translates into a cost per unit of around 51p, which means that the per GB price of Blu-ray is now consistently lower than that of DVDs. The 25GB discs are from Pidata AAA-CMC and have a printable surface.

We strongly advise you to read our standard Tech Deals Pro disclaimer should you have a purchase intent. Tech Deals Pro deals are not sponsored. Instead they are chosen based solely on how good of a bargain they are.

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