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Motorola confirms 1 August launch for Moto X

Motorola will unveil its next flagship smartphone, the Moto X, at an event in New York City on 1 August.

The invite (pictured, top), featuring a group of 20-somethings holding black and white Moto X's, says simply "Moto X, August 1, New York."

Google-owned Motorola Mobility has been teasing the Moto X for several months, though rumours about a mysterious Google "X Phone" started last year. It will be the first major release for Motorola since the Google acquisition closed in May 2012, and all eyes are on the company to see if its Android-based smartphone can truly do battle with Samsung's Galaxy lineup.

During May's All Things D conference, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed the Moto X name and said the device would arrive by October.

Earlier this month, Motorola took out a full-page ad in several newspapers to tease the Moto X. The company said it is the "first smartphone that you can design yourself," which reportedly relates to colour options and engravings. Shutterbugs at the Allen and Co media conference also managed to capture photos of Eric Schmidt using what appeared to be the Moto X.

Yesterday, meanwhile, Motorola tweeted a photo of the Moto X on the assembly line. "Yep. This guy is building exactly what you think he is. Designed by you. Assembled in the USA," the company said. During Google's earnings call, CEO Larry Page also said he was "excited" about the Moto X and promised we'd all see it very soon.

We'll have to wait until 1 August to see what it is Motorola is actually assembling.