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Seagate to unveil 5TB and 6TB hard disk drives in 2014?

What looks like a genuine roadmap for the storage giant Seagate, has been published by online website Myce. It yields more details about the enterprise models set to be launched by the company later this year and in the whole of 2014. It is not known when the roadmap was produced but it does mention a number of interesting features.

Firstly, the entreprise performance range will be exclusively focused on the 2.5in form factor with the last 3.5in model (Cheetah 15K.7) being phased out by the end of the year. The successor of the Savvio range will take that empty slot, one which carries the nickname Valkyrie and will offer capacities ranging from 300GB to 600GB.

This market is heating up with a number of players offering storage solutions based on enterprise-grade solid state technology.

It is however at the so-called capacity and value levels that things happen to be moving further. The leaked roadmap mentions a 2TB 2.5in hard disk drive being launched possibly in the second half of 2014, one which is part of the Constellation.2 family.

The 3.5 version of the hard drive, known as the Constellation ES.3 Megalodon, will top 6TB and will appear from Q2 onwards, around the same time as the Constellation CS Altos, a new 3.5in value family that will offer 5TB storage capacity and Instant Secure Erase technology.

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