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Netgear ProSafe XS708E preview: 10 Gbit switch

Having a gigabit network connection at home makes it possible to transfer files very fast, for example to and from a NAS device. While Wi-Fi is of course much more in the news, the development surrounding wired connections hasn't exactly been static. You can now buy switches that offer a full-duplex bandwidth that's 10 times faster than one Gbit. While the new standard has been around for a while now, the Netgear ProSafe XS708E is one of the first 10 Gbit switches that can be called relatively affordable.

The design of the ProSafe XS708E is pretty run-of-the-mill. It looks like a true Netgear switch, constructed out of sturdy metal and equipped with an internal power supply. Each of the eight ethernet ports has a bandwidth of 10 Gbit.

There's also a SFP+ connector present, which stands for Small Form-factor Pluggable. Together with an adapter it allows the switch (which can only handle Ethernet frames) to also connect to other types of networks. You could hook it up to a glass fibre network. That means this switch is useful especially for large businesses. Ethernet shouldn't exceed distances of 100m, so glass fibre cable can be a good solution. It's a significant financial investment, so if you can connect those networks to Ethernet switches, you could save quite a bit of money.

The pricing is reasonable - on the one hand, £757 is a lot for a switch without management features, but on the other, it is one of the first models of a new generation.

In order to fully take advantage of a 10 Gbit switch such as the Netgear ProSafe XS708E, the rest of your network requires the presence of certain components. You can read the rest of the Netgear ProSafe XS708E preview on