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Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra preview: Sleek and stylish

Alcatel One Touch has introduced a new line of products this year, also for the entry-level and mid-range segments this time. Last year's most expensive phones, the 995 and 997, cost less than £170, but the Idol Ultra we're reviewing today costs around £257. There's a reason for this. Alcatel One Touch had to make some compromises in order to be able to sell it at that price.

When we first unpacked the Idol Ultra, we were struck by how good it looks, with its unibody design. It's a great-looking phone not only in Alcatel terms, but also compared to the competition. It sits well in your hand, due to the light weight of 125g and the plastic that's used.

It's also a very thin phone, measuring in at 6.45mm. Only the camera module adds a few more millimetres.

The Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra has a unibody chassis. That's likely to optimise how the available space is used, as models with a removable back cover often have unused crevices and extra layers for protecting the insides.

The two connectors on the Idol Ultra are both located in the upper right corner. The Micro SIM card slot is on the side, while the Micro USB port is at the top. The position of the USB port could be an issue for some. If you use your phone for navigation in your car, it's more practical to have that port in the bottom. The power button is located on the top, and the volume buttons on the left hand side.

On the back there's an 8-megapixel camera with an LED flash, the quality of which we'll touch upon later.

The most striking aspect of the design of the Idol Ultra is the lack of a 3.5mm audio jack. You have to connect headphones via an adapter to the Micro USB port. It works, but it remains a strange choice. Keeping track of that adapter cable can be a challenge. You can read the rest of Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra preview on