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Flipboard takes magazine curation from mobile to desktop

Social news magazine Flipboard is now available on the desktop. Starting immediately, anyone can read magazines curated on Flipboard directly in their web browser.

The web version maintains Flipboard's signature look and feel, including the key "flip," moving between pages with the click of a mouse or a keyboard button, just as users would swipe on their mobile device.

As an added perk, Flipboard magazines shared via email or social network can be viewed by anyone, even non-Flipboard members. But, in order to curate a periodical, new users must create an account on their smartphone or tablet before pulling together content on the web.

Since the curation option was introduced in Flipboard version 2.0 at the end of March, the company has seen growth into the millions, as users grab articles, photos, audio, and videos to organise into a flickable publication for public or private consumption.

Topics range from camping to cars, and from independent filmmaking to immigration reform, curated by political leaders, musicians, publishers, and millions of "everyday people with a passion," Flipboard said in a news release.

"With the Web experience, Flipboard curators can share their magazines with friends, family and followers who may not have Flipboard," the company said.

Web magazines are supported in Internet Explorer 9+, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, and in 11 languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, French, and German. The mobile versions are also available for free download in the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play store.

Check out Flipboard web magazines in action in the video above.