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Live stream: Watch Google launch the Nexus 7 2 and Android 4.3 here

Google's head of Android, Sundar Pichai, is hosting a special breakfast event over in San Francisco today, and needless to say we're intrigued by the possibilities.

Above, you'll find a live stream of Sundar's über-geeky coffee morning, and you can also follow the action via our Google Nexus 7 2 and Android 4.3 launch live blog.

For sure, the smart money is on Google launching the second-generation Nexus 7, which is expected to come running a refreshed OS, Android 4.3.

The Nexus 7 was a real game-changer when it arrived back in July 2012, shaking up the consumer electronics landscape to the point that there's now nary a manufacturer not flirting with devices in the 6in to 8in range.

To find out what made Google's 7in mini-tablet so great, hark back to our Nexus 7 review. Or, to get an idea of what can we look forward to with Android 4.3, check out our Android 4.3 wishlist as a starting point.

Will the new Nexus 7 arrive today? Is Android 4.3 going to be a significant improvement over 4.2.2 Jelly Bean? And has Best Buy spoiled all the fun by leaking key Nexus 7 2 specs ahead of the big launch?

All your questions will be answered shortly, so stick to this page - the countdown is well and truly on.

In the meantime, share your thoughts with us via the comment section at the bottom of this page, or interact with us on social media via @ITProPortal.