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Sony KD-55X9005: First affordable UHD 4K TV

Earlier this year the first Ultra HD televisions arrived with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. These were massive 84in TVs from companies like Sony and LG, with price tags in excess of £20,000. Almost six months later Sony is the first to introduce a more affordable UHD TV. The new 55in 55X9005 costs £3,999. That's still a lot of money, but nevertheless more consumer-friendly than the 84in model.

Sony also has a 65in version of the X9005, for a more hefty £5,999. It will be interesting to find out what the picture quality is of the X9005 TVs, and whether there's any point in having 4K resolution on a smaller screen.

The design of the new 55in and 65in UHD televisions from Sony is very different from the 84in model (opens in new tab). The speakers on both sides of the screen immediately get your attention, and they make the TV much wider than other 55in models. Reactions around the office were mixed. It's clear that Sony wants to appeal to consumers with a modern taste, and who don't shy away from making a statement in their living room. The screen sits on an open and round base, similar to that of other recent Sony TVs.

Sony claims the large speakers are designed for providing good sound quality, an area that's challenging for very flat televisions. The speakers consists of three 'magnetic fluid' drivers, which is supposed to results in more accurate sound. The back of the TV has two more speakers that are supposed to provide the low-end together with an elongated resonance chamber.

Sony has also spent extra effort on the amplification. The audio components are equipped with a better power supply, ground wiring and audio capacitors with a total capacity of 3740uF. Sony says this creates a more accurate sound, especially for the lower regions of the spectrum. You can read the rest of Sony KD-55X9005: first affordable UHD 4K TV on (opens in new tab).