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Samsung SSD 840/840 Pro preview: Every model tested

In late September Samsung launched the 840 Pro and 840 SSD series, both using the new Samsung MDX controller. It turned out that the Samsung 840 Pro was the fastest SSD at the time, even if the OCZ Vector has now managed to catch up. The Samsung 840 stood out because it was the first SSD to employ triple level cell memory. This makes the SSDs cheaper to make.

The 840 Pro is Samsung's flagship SSD series and is available in three capacities: 128GB (£122), 256GB (£206) and 512GB (£432). That translates to £0.95 per GB, £0.80 per GB and £0.84 per GB, respectively. They all come with Samsung's own data migration software, and a five year warranty.

The 840s use the same controller, but instead have Triple Level Cell memory. To learn more about these flash chips, read our original Samsung 840 250GB review. For normal use, these chips should be fine, but we'd be cautious if you make intensive use of your PC.

The reason for this is that the lifespan can potentially be shorter than with traditional flash chips. It's also why they employ a lot of overprovisioning and have lower available capacities: 120GB (£84), 250GB (£147) and 500GB (£358), translating to £0.70 per GB, £0.59 per GB and £0.71 per GB, respectively. That's relatively affordable, but the difference isn't big enough compared to the previous generation, in our opinion.

For a little more you can get the kit with a 3.5in installation bracket, a USB-to-SATA cable and data migrations software. You can read the rest of Samsung SSD 840 / 840 Pro preview on