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Apple warns Chinese customers to only use official chargers after iPhone 5 death

After a Chinese woman was electrocuted by a charging iPhone, Apple has posted a guide on the Chinese version of its website, urging consumers to use only official chargers to juice up their iOS gadgets.

The company has also placed a prominent link on its homepage to that guide.

"Apple always put the user's safety first, so all of our products are subject to stringent safety and reliability testing, and designed to meet government safety standards around the world, including for the iPhone and iPad USB power adapter," Apple said in a translated message.

The site includes photos of the appropriate chargers for devices available in China, including the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5, the iPad 3 and 4th-gen, as well as the iPad mini.

Earlier this month, 23-year-old Ma Ailun, a flight attendant with China Southern Airlines, was electrocuted when she took a call on her Apple device while it was charging. Another incident in the region also left a man in a coma, ZDNet reported. That man was reportedly using a third-party or fake charger for his iPhone 4.

Apple pledged to investigate, but does not specifically mention these incidents on its website.

"This overview will help you identify genuine Apple USB power adapter. When you need to charge the iPhone or iPad, we recommend that you use the random standard USB power adapter and USB cable. These adapters and cables are also available separately from Apple and Apple Authorized Resellers," the company wrote.

Earlier this year, Apple issued an apology to its Chinese customers, following confusion surrounding its repair and warranty policies.