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Developer brings unofficial analytics and advertising apps to Google Glass

When Google first unveiled Glass, one of its primary dictates to early adopters was that they hack the device in new and interesting ways.

Now, after months of Glass apps that addressed everything from porn to giving a user the ability to control a Tesla, another developer has come up with an idea that might actually be handy to a wide range of users: AdSense and Analytics for Glass.

Developed by Kansas-based coder Chad Smith, the unofficial apps bring some basic data-tracking tools to Glass. Based on the screenshots, the Analytics for Glass app allows the user to see page views and visits for the current day, yesterday, last week, and last month, data that can be updated with a simple refresh.

Smith's AdSense for Glass app allows a Glass wearer to view click-through rates, earnings, and page views for daily or monthly periods, effectively allowing an AdSense user to watch their money on the go.

In the spirit of the Google Glass developer community, Smith made the installation code for the Analytics and AdSense app freely available on Github.

However, at this point, it will likely take a fellow developer to make proper use of the available code resources. According to comments from Smith on his Google+ site, his next goal is to create a Glass app that allows users to search for and register domain names.

While this latest hack of the Glass device will indeed come in handy for some Glass users, just like the widely reported facial recognition and wink apps created for the device in weeks past, these apps aren't officially supported by Google, so users shouldn't look to the company for support, despite the deceptively official-sounding app names.