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Samsung Ativ Book 5 NP530U4E: Ultrabook with endurance

Last month we tested the Samsung Ativ Book 7 series (opens in new tab), deluxe Ultrabooks with a Full HD screen with optional touch layer. If you like those laptops, but can't spend that much money, the more affordable Ativ Book 5 could be an interesting option.

The Ativ Book 5 NP530U4E-K01NL that we are reviewing today is the successor to last year's 5 series that came out in a number of different variations. You could get it with an Intel or AMD processor, and with or without touch, and it was a good option if you needed an affordable Ultrabook.

This year's new model has an entirely new design and has a quality feel to it. You immediately notice the dark blue colour and the matte TN screen with 1,366 x 768 pixels. It's a 14in display, slightly larger than last year's 13.3in screen. If you want a higher resolution and don't mind a slightly smaller screen, the 13.3in Ativ Book 7 series is where you should look. The 5 series is relatively light at 1.79kg, and the styling reminds us of the thicker and larger Samsung 9 series.

The Ativ Book 5 has a quality finish, it looks good. The bottom is sleek, and offers an easy way of upgrading the RAM. Removing one screw lets you open the little hatch, and you can either replace the 4GB module or add a second one. Replacing the hard disk takes more effort.

In addition to the 500GB hard disk, you also get 24GB of cache for quick startup. This 24GB Sandisk i100 is soldered onto the motherboard, and therefore can't be replaced. The processor is an Intel Core i5-3337U, an energy-efficient dual-core processor with integrated HD Graphics 4000, and it's slightly faster than the Core i5-3317U used in the UK version NP530U4C. You can read the rest of Samsung ATIV Book 5 NP530U4E: Ultrabook with endurance on (opens in new tab).