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Cloud-based photo sharing site SmugMug launches new UK service

US-based professional photo-storage and image-sharing site SmugMug (opens in new tab) has launched a new consumer service in the UK.

The decision to roll out a product for amateur photographers in the UK follows research conducted by SmugMug that showed most of Britain's casual shooters failed to back up their images.

According to SmugMug, the UK's snap-happy masses take more than 600 million photos every week, but nearly a third (28 per cent) fail to safeguard their memories - meaning they're only a dropped tablet or nicked phone away from being lost forever.

SmugMug believes it has the solution, helping users store their prized snaps securely in the cloud. Individual photos and galleries can be made private, password protected, or watermarked, and there's a range of customisation options available.

For example, you can choose a bright, colourful template for an album of your kids playing in the garden, or opt for a more clean and sophisticated feel to present that romantic getaway to Barcelona.

SmugMug UK will come available in four different account levels with varying costs and features, all based on the SmugMug Pro UI - Basic, Power, Portfolio, and Business.

Of course, users will be able to ante-up to SmugMug Pro and actively sell their work if they feel they outgrow the more consumer-facing packages. In addition, keen photographers will no doubt be pleased to note that SmugMug doesn't strip metadata from images.

"We've built a product that's not only the most stunning service you've ever seen, but offers unlimited personalisation like the web has never seen. Alone among all the major photo sharing services, we understand that photo sharing doesn't just begin and end with beautiful. It begins with stunning and ends with personal," said Don MacAskill, CEO and 'chief geek' of SmugMug.

SmugMug also announced it is relaunching its service in the US.

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