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Waterproof your iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 with new NeverWet nanotechnology

Plenty of us have been in that situation on a night out, when pint and smartphone inexplicably become one, and horror sets in as you retrieve your precious device dripping with beer.

Luckily, for those who have endured such a saga, there is an affordable nanotechnology that has been developed by Ross Nanotechnology, and claims to make gadgets waterproof - even if they don't have the tech already built in like the Sony Xperia Z Ultras of this world.

NeverWet creates a layer on top of any gadget and acts as a barrier against liquid damage that could render a smartphone useless. It makes the device superhydrophobic and when any liquid hits the surface, it beads and slides off.

The company website states: “NeverWet coatings are not only durable but can also be applied to many substrates such as various metals and alloys, rubber, ceramics, and fabrics. The coatings can be applied to both simple and complex contoured shapes.”

The coating is administered in two stages. First, a base coat is applied to a product that takes 15 minutes to dry and a second layer that takes the same amount of time to dry follows this. When both of these are done, the gadget is water-proof.

A video posted on YouTube by Lancaster Online gives a hands-on demonstration of Rust-Oleum NeverWet in action, including a test that involves dunking the Apple iPhone into a bowl of water.

The superhydrophobic coating withstood temperatures of up to 205-degrees Celsius in tests, and sustained sudden changes in temperature of up to 288-degrees Celsius. The iPhone tested was also able to withstand water depth of up to 6in.

NeverWet is already available at HomeDepot in the US retailing at just $20 (£13).

The latest gadget to protect smartphones comes months after Apple patented technology that reduces the risk of an iPhone breaking or being damaged if it’s dropped.