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Synology RS10613xs+ preview: Extra large and easy to use

Synology has been steadily increasing its range of NAS devices, but to date the most powerful, expanded version of its top model was only able to manage a maximum of 36 disks. The new RS10613xs+, which the company introduced in November last year, raises the bar significantly: this system allows you to combine no less than 106 hard drives in a variety of ways. With a maximum capacity per disk of 4TB, a quick back of the envelope calculation tells us this results in a storage system offering over 400TB of space. We had a brief opportunity to get acquainted with this impressive system, so we can provide you with an idea of what this type of device is capable of.

Of course this is an entirely different class of product than a regular NAS for consumer use. Even most mid-sized companies would be hard pressed to find a use for this much storage, although there are plenty of companies that could put it to good use, for example digital graphics and video creation firms. Mostly though, the clients for a NAS like this are larger companies and public institutions such as universities and research labs. The unique benefit that Synology brings to the table is its huge experience in developing user friendly interfaces, experience that has been put to good use in the RS10613xs+. Although it is a physically larger system than most of its range, the ease of use is comparable to earlier products.

Even so, Synology had to overhaul parts of its trademark interface for this system: managing 106 disks is an entirely different kettle of fish than working with 36 disks. This is also reflected in the specifications of the system: it runs on a quad-core Intel Xeon CPU running at 3.3GHz and is outfitted with 8GB of DDR3 ECC memory, expandable to a maximum of 32GB. You can read the rest of Synology RS10613xs+ preview on (opens in new tab).