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Syrian Electronic Army follows FT and Guardian attacks with Thomson Reuters hack

Thomson Reuters has been the latest victim of media hacking by the Syrian Electronic Army (opens in new tab).

The @thomsonreuters (opens in new tab) Twitter account was hacked last night, according to All Things D (opens in new tab), and saw the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) tweet links to at least seven images, mostly pro-Syrian government political cartoons.

The SEA has unleashed hacking attacks across the international media (opens in new tab) as part of its attempt to win support for the Syrian government in its civil war against insurgents, which is believed to have cost 100,000 lives so far.

Earlier this year the SEA hacked the Twitter accounts of CBS, the Guardian and the Financial Times.

The attack on the Thomson Reuters Twitter account led to the organisation's Twitter feed being suspended while Thomson Reuters and Twitter fixed the hack. The account is now operating normally.

Twitter has developed protocols that allows companies hit with hacks to quickly and temporarily freeze their accounts until they regain control.

Last week the SEA hacked free video and text messaging service Tango (opens in new tab), stealing sensitive personal data, including users' private phone numbers, contacts and email addresses.

The stolen information was said to be equivalent to 1.5TB of data.

The SEA said of the attack, "Much of the information in the databases that were downloaded will be delivered to the Syrian government."

Tango said on Twitter, "Tango experienced a cyber intrusion that resulted in unauthorized access to some data. We are working on increasing our security systems."

Image credit: Flickr (Kavinda.K (opens in new tab))