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Deal: £370 Lenovo IdeaStation H520 desktop PC

Not everyone needs a laptop and those who don't and want to buy a desktop PC might check out this deal from John Lewis. This is the Lenovo IdeaStation H520 desktop PC, one that costs £369.95, with free delivery, two year warranty, 6-months free John Lewis broadband offer plus £20 discount off Office 365 software. You can therefore grab that package from the UK retailer for £59.95 and get 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership.

The H520 is based on the third-generation Intel Core i5-3330, one which has two cores clocked at 3GHz, Intel HD 4000 Graphics GPU, 4GB of RAM, 1TB hard disk drive, Windows 8, six USB ports, Wi-Fi, a card reader, keyboard and mouse, a HDMI out, an Ethernet port, a DVD writer and a rather enticing design.

If we were a bit picky, we'd certainly identify the onboard system memory capacity as the main weakness point given that at any time, less than 4GB of RAM will be available to the system because it is shared with the GPU. Otherwise though, its chassis is big enough to accommodate a few more hard disk drives.

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