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Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 reportedly destroys man's home in Hong Kong

A Samsung Galaxy S4 (opens in new tab) smartphone allegedly burst into flames and engulfed an entire apartment in Hong Kong, with reports suggesting third-party components were the cause.

As first detailed by (opens in new tab), one Mr Du saw his Samsung device heat up before it internally combusted. Du then threw the smartphone under the sofa and within minutes, his apartment resembled the apocalypse.

Mr Du and his wife emerged unscathed but insist Samsung is at fault after claims that all of the components he owned and used were Samsung originals. This included the battery, charger and phone itself, although experts are already doubting this is the case and are quoted as saying it’s “highly unlikely” the parts were all legitimate.

Du’s case is the latest in a long line of fatal accidents involving smartphones. News reports earlier this month stated that two Apple iPhones exploded with one woman dead and a Chinese man left in a coma as a result. Each casualty was as a result of non-genuine chargers being used and if the same is true of Du, he had a lucky escape.

Back in March, an iPhone 5 was alleged to have exploded (opens in new tab) mid-call in Thailand.

Evidence is stacking up against Du, with a Know Your Mobile article explaining that a battery in itself has nowhere near enough power to trigger such an explosion and the strict safety standards almost definitely rule out a Samsung part being the cause. Other components that aren’t made to Samsung’s strict standards could, however, have caused the explosion.

Samsung Hong Kong is, in the meantime, investigating the case and chemical analysis of the explosion is being carried out to determine whether Samsung or a third party made the parts that caused the accident.

The Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s latest smartphone and was released to much fanfare in April.

It’s packed full of features and offers a number of derivative models, like the waterproof Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (opens in new tab), which sports a waterproof case as standard.

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