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Instagram update blocks uploads from Windows Phone Instance app

An Instagram update has blocked support for an app known as Instance, which allowed for photo uploads via Windows Phone, which does not yet have an official Instagram app.

"Evidently Instagram has little spies that watch every @WindowsPhone user and deletes their images after uploading," Instance developer Daniel Gary tweeted last night.

The problem was first noted by The Verge, which reported that Instagram was deleting any photos uploaded to Instagram via Instance.

In a statement, an Instagram spokeswoman said, "We recently made an update to the systems that we use to fight spam to help prevent future attacks and increase security. As part of this, applications accessing Instagram against the terms of our API may also be affected. This update does not specifically target any particular app or platform."

Gary said the move is disappointing, but he does not hold a grudge against Instagram. "There's no need in being mad at Instagram. It's their service and they have very right to hold the keys. I'm just trying to pick the lock," he tweeted. "I'm very sorry to everyone that bought the app and can't upload. I'm doing my best to fix the problem."

Instance, which works on Windows Phone 8, will set you back £1.29 via the Windows Phone Marketplace. Gray has also produced a free Pinterest client called Pinsation.

Facebook-owned Instagram is currently available for Android and iOS, but has not yet made its way to Windows Phone. There have been reports that the photo-sharing (and now video) app will come to Microsoft's mobile OS, but so far, no announcements have been made.

Until then, the Windows Phone-based Nokia Lumia 1020 will come pre-loaded with the Oggl photo-sharing app, which was developed by Instagram rival Hipstamatic, while Vine, Flipboard, and Path are also set to debut on Windows Phone at some point.

Microsoft might want to get cracking, though. A Nokia exec was recently quoted as saying that the lack of apps for Windows Phone is a major drawback to the mobile OS and could prevent it from adequately competing against Android and iOS.