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Microsoft brings enhanced photo options and GIF support to SkyDrive

Microsoft has released a new set of features for aimed at making it a better place to store photos, including support for more file types, new editing tools, and additional sharing options.

For starters, now supports high DPI screens like the ClearType Full HD found on Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet and Apple's Retina display. The cloud storage service will measure the DPI scale of your device and show higher-resolution photos and thumbnails when your screen supports it. This means you will see more of your real photo, instead of just an upscaled thumbnail of the image, Omar Shahine, group programme manager of, wrote in a blog post.

Besides that, users should be happy to hear that now finally supports animated GIFs.

"If you've ever seen an animated GIF (pronounced "jif") on the Interwebs (and probably laughed), you were probably disappointed to find out that when you saved and shared that same animated GIF on SkyDrive, it wasn't animated," Shahine wrote. "Well now you can view your favorite animated GIFs in all their glory!"

Microsoft also added the ability to rotate photos on, and filter images in the "all photos" view to a specific saved folder.

The service is also more flexible when it comes to sharing. Previously, when you wanted to share something you would either have to share an entire folder and all its contents or single files inside a folder.

Now, you can also share individual groups of files from anywhere on the service. For instance, you can share two photos from your camera roll, or many. Or, you could share a file in one folder along with another file in a different folder. There's also a new shared view that should let you more easily keep track of what you've shared, and what's been shared with you.

In addition, after recently introducing the ability to let people edit shared Office documents without signing in, Microsoft has extended this feature to any SkyDrive file shared via email. When sharing something, simply check the "Recipients can edit" option, and they will be able to make changes to the file without having to sign in.

Finally, for power users and developers, SkyDrive now comes with native support for viewing and editing JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and other code files, including syntax highlighting, find, and word completion suggestions.

The made headlines earlier this month, when BSkyB won a legal battle over Microsoft, arguing against the use of the word 'Sky' in SkyDrive.