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Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 release dates and pricing leaked?

The eagerly anticipated Microsoft Xbox One looks like it will be released in the UK on Friday, 29 November and cost £419.99, according to a pre-order page on the Toys R Us UK website.

That means it will arrive two weeks ahead of Sony's PlayStation 4, which the toy retailer has pegged for a 13 December release and anointed with a £339.99 price tag.

Advance orders are now being taken for both consoles (follow the links above), up to a maximum of two consoles per order. Neither Microsoft nor Sony have not confirmed UK, US or global availability dates for their latest consoles.

Microsoft has, however, previously touted a November launch for the Xbox One, although Sony has simply proffered a "holiday 2013" release date for the PS4, which covers the end of November and December.

A 29 November release date for the new Xbox would be the day after Thanksgiving in the US, which may help sales over there if it became a global synchronised launch.

Other previous reports, however, have suggested the PS4 would be available before the Xbox One, so the Toys R Us release dates can't yet be seen as definitive for UK-wide availability.

As a major online retailer, however, it will be able to help set the pace.

The hardware inside the Xbox One and PS4 is very similar. In fact, the CPUs are virtually identical and both feature a GPU that’s derived from the Radeon 7000 series. Overall memory bandwidth is also comparable between the two systems.