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Motorola launches new Moto X smartphone: how we got here

UPDATE (21:30 BST): Motorola did its best to shroud the launch of the Moto X in mystery and its appears to have succeeded. The Moto X has now been unveiled over in New York, and while many of the specifications we predicted were right, it appears our timing estimation was a bit, ahem, off. How to begin to make it up to you? Well, a good way to start would be this Motorola Moto X first look preview (opens in new tab)....Thanks for joining us on this wee journey - more in the morning, no doubt.

UPDATE (18:30 BST): Motorola Connect, a new Chrome add-on similar in style and functionality to Google Hangouts, has broken cover ahead of tonight's big launch. Find out more: Motorola Connect hits Chrome Store ahead of Moto X launch (opens in new tab)

UPDATE (17:30 BST): Still no official word on whether or not the Moto X launch will be live stream this evening. However, we now understand that the timing for the event in New York City is set for 20:00 EST, which is 00:00, 2 August, in the UK. There's an intriguing banner at the top of the Motorola YouTube page (opens in new tab) promoting the launch, so we wouldn't be at all surprised if something in the live stream vein did pop up shortly. Otherwise, it will be worth checking the Google YouTube portal (opens in new tab), as well as dropping in on Motorola's website (opens in new tab)nearer to the time to see if anything crops up. And, if you do make any pleasant discoveries later, please remember to share them with us and the rest of the ITPP community via the comment section below.

UPDATE (14:30 BST, 1 August): Ahead of tonight's big Moto X launch, Motorola has teased more juicy tidbits about its new X8 processing system. Find out more about Motorola's mysterious X8 chipset (opens in new tab) by following the link and stay tuned - we're trying to get a handle on exactly when the Moto X launch will kick off and if the event will be live streamed over the web.

We've barely had time to draw breath following Google's blockbuster launch of its new Nexus 7 tablet (opens in new tab) - not to mention the debut of Android 4.3 (opens in new tab)and Google Chromecast (opens in new tab) - yet here we are again gearing up for a major product unveiling.

What's more, it's none other than Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility stepping into the spotlight.

Kicking off August in style, Motorola is set to pull the cloak on its new flagship smartphone, the Moto X, over in New York City tomorrow night, and speculation is understandably rife about how the handset will size up.

To that end, we've got a small bounty of rumours to send your way ahead of the big day, starting with the near-requisite press render leak by @evleaks (opens in new tab), which dropped not too long ago - that's it at the top of the article.

But the most recent momentum is behind gossip that the Moto X is set to join the exclusive nano-SIM club, following a tip sent the way of GSM Insider (opens in new tab), apparently via Hong Kong. We wouldn't exactly say the following image amounts to conclusive proof, but it does make for a nice talking point ahead of the reveal.

With regards to specifications, it's thought that the Moto X will sport a 10-megapixel 'Clear Pixel'-branded camera capable of recording Full HD video at 60fps, plus a 2.1-megapixel front-facing shooter.

Under the hood, the Moto X is expected to feature a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor clocked at 1.7GHz, supported by 2GB of RAM and an Adreno 320 GPU. On the display front, the new Motorola device is tipped to flaunt a 4.7in screen with a resolution of 1,184 x 720 pixels. It may also feature an intriguing design based on 'Magic Glass' - a Corning Gorilla Glass derivative that wraps around the smartphone's bezel and possibly even seals the edges.

Elsewhere, it's speculated that the Moto X will offer 16GB of on-board storage and NFC, but no microSD card slot. With regards to software, the new flagship is anticipated to run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean - not the latest version of Google's mobile OS, Android 4.3.

What remains to be seen is whether the Moto X - which Motorola is keen to big up as being manufactured in the US - will be released outside of the States. If so, we'll hopefully get some idea of when UK rollout might commence tomorrow night.

Stay tuned for more when we get our first real look at the new Motorola smartphone experience.

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