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Seagate Business Storage 2-bay 6TB preview: Affordable back-up device

We recently reviewed the Seagate Central (opens in new tab), a fairly straightforward NAS aimed at new users. The Seagate NAS we're looking at today has a different focus. It's called the Seagate Business Storage 2-bay 6TB, and the name says it all. With room for two disks, it's intended for the business segment. That it's a very different product to the Central is obvious just from the design. This one definitely looks like a storage device, there's no doubt about that.

The chassis of the Seagate Business Storage is one of the best-looking we've seen recently for two-bay NAS devices. In that respect Seagate can definitely compete with the likes of Lenovo. The back of the NAS has two gigabit ports, and both the front and the back feature a USB 3.0 port. The hard disks have individual trays located behind a door in the front.

At the the top of the chassis there's a slot for a 2.5in external disk with USM connector. USM is a standard based on SATA, used by Seagate and others for external disks.

There are USM cables that let you connect the external USM disk to your PC via USB, FireWire and even Thunderbolt. It's useful for making back-ups, and a good alternative to backing up with tape.

Installing the NAS is a fairly standard process, though perhaps a bit old-fashioned, for which you need to use the included DVD. You get both Seagate Discovery and the more business-oriented Seagate Black Armor Back-up 2011 based on Acronis Backup. It's a back-up package with a very extensive range of features that installs itself on your PC as a second operating system and is able to make and install back-ups via iSCSI.

The back-up software certainly isn't intended for the average consumer, but it's definitely interesting for small businesses. It's perhaps not the most state-of-the-art software, judging by its name. You can read the rest of Seagate Business Storage 2-bay 6TB preview on (opens in new tab).