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Apple intros iMessage spam report system for iPhone and Mac

Apple has finally implemented a method for reporting iMessage spam.

The next time you're burdened by an unwanted text, simply take a screenshot of the message and email it to, with the full email address or phone number of the sender and the date and time it was received.

For those unacquainted with the iPhone, to take a screenshot, press and release both the Sleep/Wake button (located on top of the device) and the Home button at the same time. The image is then saved to your Camera Roll photo album.

Anyone using the desktop Messages app in OS X should simultaneously press Command + Shift and number 3 key on the keyboard, then find the screenshot saved to the Desktop folder.

This service is open only to those texts received via Apple's iMessage service, which are discernible via the "iMessage" label at the top of the text field and their blue colour scheme; SMS and MMS messages say "Text Message" instead, and are coloured green.

Cupertino will be no help in preventing SMS/MMS spam, and instead suggests users contact their network provider for more details.

The tech giant did not elaborate on what it would do to thwart unwanted iMessage texts. Just remember that Apple's new spam-reporting system is meant for truly unsolicited texts, not annoying 3 am messages from drunk friends.

With iOS 7, scheduled for an autumn release, iPhone users can block specific contacts or numbers from sending texts. Messages will get also get the same "flattened" look as the rest of Apple's new mobile OS.