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Apple, Samsung kiss and make up? Sammy now supplying screens for iPad mini

Apple is to use high-resolution retina displays from Samsung for a new iPad mini set to appear in the fourth quarter of this year.

Despite the two companies going at it hammer and tongs in both the smartphone and tablet markets, Apple clearly needs Samsung's technology, as last month it was revealed the Cupertino firm would again be using Samsung processors for a new iPhone from 2015.

And that decision came despite the two companies fighting it out in courts around the world, trying to get each other thrown out of key markets as a result of patent rows over areas of smartphone functionality.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple will use screens from Samsung, fellow Korean smartphone manufacturer LG, and also Japan’s Sharp for the new iPad mini.

Apple is believed to be using screens from LG and Taiwan’s AU Optronics for its current iPad mini model. The WSJ report says the next-generation iPad mini will be the same size as the current 7.9in model. It says Apple is also considering introducing different coloured back covers for the new tablet.

Meanwhile, Samsung will supply mobile application processors to Apple from 2015, involving 14 nano A9 chips that will be used for Apple's forthcoming iPhone 7.

Samsung had supplied processors to Apple from 2007, but last year lost a contract to supply 20 nano A8 chips to Apple to Taiwan's TSMC. But the Korean firm has developed state-of-the-art 14 nano model processors, that are more powerful, ahead of TSMC, leading to Apple coming back.

Apple's iPhone 7 is slated to be released in the second half of 2015. TSMC is providing processors to the forthcoming iPhone 6.

Samsung is the biggest supplier of smartphones in the world by shipments, relying on the open source Android operating system.