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Deal: EE Alcatel 4GB PAYG 4G Mobile Mi-Fi device + 12GB data for £84.98

UK retailer Currys is selling a Mi-Fi device from Alcatel for £69.99 with 6GB data allowance bundled, one that can last for up to three months. The device can service up to 10 compatible devices simultaneously and provides speeds of up to five times that of 3G.

The Mi-Fi device is tiny, comes with a useful OLED display, a nice little stand and a memory card slot that can accommodate 32GB microSD cards.

In addition, you get free EE film downloads without data cost, free data alerts on data usage and you can add another 6GB of data allowance (valid for 90 days) for £14.99 via Amazon (and Prepaymania).

EE is likely to use its current stranglehold on 4G before the end of the year as O2 and Three join it and start rolling their own services, a move that is likely to bring down the prices of 4G services to more mainstream levels.

At the same time, we should start to see much more devices (both tablets and smartphones) offering 4G connectivity. The cheapest 4G handsets cost around £250 as it stands which is still too expensive for the average user.

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