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Introducing HOT Watch: The new smartwatch taking Kickstarter by storm is a would-be Pebble killer

There’s a new kid on the Kickstarter block offering a wearable gadget that is sure to heat up the smartwatch space.

HOT Watch launched on Kickstarter this week and is looking to take on the likes of the Pebble Smartwatch in reinventing the wrist experience of the masses.

“We set out to create the best smartwatch on the market, while also setting your hands free from your mobile phone for most daily functions,” stated PH Technical Labs president Shariq Hamid.

PH Technical Labs is the group behind the HOT Watch, with the fiery acronym actually standing for "Hands On Talk." As you may have guessed by the name, it allows the watch to be used to make and receive private calls – something PH Labs claims is a first.

“Other Smart Watches fail in one major area – they cannot do private calls. But we've changed that with the HOT Watch. It's just as easy as raising your hand to your ear. Our vision goes back to well beyond filing for the initial patent in 2010 and we feel we have produced the most complete smartwatch solution in which, together, we can change the way people communicate,” said the firm's CTO Ram Pattikonda.

The HOT Watch has a 1.26in E-paper multi-touch projected capacitive display from Sharp, and features a Cortex M3 processor making sure everything ticks over correctly. The secondary DSP processor handles call control, audio functions and Bluetooth 4.0, which it uses to connect to Bluetooth-friendly phones.

In addition to the private call function, the watch has an accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer, and vibration motor, and is completely waterproof. One other useful quirk is that it detects when your phone is out of reach and alerts the wearer that it may be lost or stolen.

The HOT Watch can be helpful in an emergency as built-in sensors can detect when a wearer has fallen down and then call the emergency services within 30 seconds if you don’t respond.

Since debuting on Kickstarter on July 31, the HOT Watch has seen 276 backers pledge more than $127,600 [£84,280], with an eventual initial goal of $150,000 [£98,800] looking all-but-certain with the project running until 7 September.

The company hopes to produce a range of HOT smartwatches, outlining plans for a Hot Watch Basic, Hot Watch Edge, Hot Watch Classic, and Hot Watch Curve in its Kickstarter pitch.

Pebble is the arguably leader of the smartwatch market and can already boast 275,000 pre-orders as of 12 July 12 – 85,000 of which were taken during its own Kickstarter campaign. Since January, 93,000 of these Pebbles have been shipped and thousands are being produced every day.

Some of the global tech giants are taking a serious look at the market with Sony recently outing its SmartWatch 2 and Apple reportedly keeping a close eye on things, too.