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Deal: £35 WD MyNet N900 wireless cable router

This is a unique device, one which offers seven (yes, seven) gigabit Ethernet ports with a wireless router. Meet the WD MyNet N900, available from £35 at Currys/PC World eBay outlet, with free delivery and 35 Nectar points.

It differs from the Central N900 by its lack of hard disk drive and the fact that it has more physical ports. The MyNet N900 offers dual band Wi-Fi and has nifty little dashboard that allows users to manage their devices easily.

This would be quite useful for small and medium businesses that need a combination of a wireless router (say to provide temporary internet access for visitors) and the ability to connect physically to a network (for example for a file server or to a cable router).

We would certainly like to see more of those integrated devices and it is likely that manufacturers will start to bring together other features as well. These may include file servers, print servers, media servers and so on.

It is a shame though that it doesn't come with a built-in empty enclosure which could be used to house a hard disk drive.

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