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D-Link DIR-865L preview: The flagship 802.11ac router

D-Link really has got a feel for things this year. We've seen one new product after another. Earlier, we got the flagship model from their standard line of routers, called the DIR-857, and now it's already time for the 802.11ac router, the DIR-865L. Also known as the Wireless AC 1750 Dual Band Cloud Router, this can be seen as the second D-Link flagship model of this year. That's judging by its price anyway - you'll have to spend an average of £132 to get this baby.

You do get a lot of router for your money though. The design has been changed completely compared to previous routers. D-Link already has the kettle/coffee grinder look with the DIR-645, and the media routers such as the DIR-657 and the DIR-857. A standing model has now been added to this line-up, and our first impression of the design is that it isn't as refined or stylish as other D-Link products. It's a bit unexpected, since the other two product lines have proven that D-Link does indeed enjoy style.

We often get the impression that some router manufacturers have a tendency of borrowing from the competition, when it comes to the looks of their ac routers. For example, Netgear went with a design entirely different to their previous products, instead resembling an ASUS router. Similarly, the D-Link router we are reviewing here might as well have the ASUS logo hiding under a sticker somewhere.

The D-Link DIR-865L is a large, rectangular and shiny black router with a fixed based standing on its short side. It is possible to remove the base, but only after unscrewing screws hidden below the warranty sticker. You can read the rest of D-Link DIR-865L preview on