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dServe tablets preview: dServe's three-pronged attack

The budget tablet segment keeps growing, and generally the devices are also improving in quality. In the beginning, these products had pretty terrible displays, but nowadays you can find decent screens on these affordable tablets. A fairly recent addition to the entry-level segment is the brand dServe, that is using three new tablets to enter the budget tablet market. Hardware.Info tested all three, the DSRV 7015C, de DSRV 9703C and the DSRV 1005C. They are available from Selfridges department stores.

You probably already guessed from their names that they are of different sizes, specifically 7in, 9.7in and 10.1in. The three models also have different resolutions and aspect ratios.

The 7in 7015C has an 800 x 480 resolution (5:3 or 15:9), the 9703C is 1,024 x 768 (4:3) and the 1005C is 1,024 x 600 (16:9). Something for everyone, in other words. Prices are around £119 (7015C), £196 (9703C) and £188 (1005C). They weigh 360g, 534g and 718g, respectively.

When we first laid our eyes on the three dServe tablets (made available by 4U-Tech) we were immediately reminded of two Point of View devices, the recently-reviewed ProTab 2 9.7in, and the ProTab 2 XXL. The similarities between the two brands go further than just looks, which we'll elaborate on a bit later.

Even the boxes the tablets arrive in make a good impression. They are made out of solid cardboard, and have little magnets that keep the lid in place. You can also see that dServe is following the example of the popularity of ASUS tablets. On two of the three boxes you see the home screen, in addition to the model inside, something we've only encountered with ASUS tablets.

The dServe DSRV 7015C, 9703C and 1005C may have different screen sizes but there's more that sets them apart below the surface, especially the panel technology that's used for the screens. You can read the rest of dServe tablets preview on