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Facebook announces first ever CMO from Google-owned Motorola

Facebook has installed its first chief marketing officer (CMO), with Motorola Mobility’s former marketing head joining the company.

Ad Age confirmed that Gary Briggs will fill the role after leaving Motorola in January, replacing Facebook’s former VP of product marketing Eric Antonow, who has overseen the firm’s marketing efforts since 2010.

"Facebook isn't just a company. For more than a billion people, it's their connection to the friends and things they care about most. Telling the story of such an important and still very young brand is an incredible opportunity, and I cannot wait to get started,” Briggs told Ad Age.

Briggs will be given a wider scope of responsibility at the company as it looks to expand upon its marketing activities. He will lead branding and marketing efforts for all products coming under the Facebook umbrella.

The new CMO will also supervise the groups responsible for product marketing, platform marketing and events, communication design, brand marketing and content strategy.

Before Facebook handpicked him, Briggs worked closely with Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside and CMO Bill Morgan on branding and position in a role he took up following Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility in May 2012.

Briggs worked at Google from 2010 as the firm's VP of consumer marketing and lead marketing across search, commerce, Chrome, Google+, and the brand as a whole. Before this, he was CEO of Plastic Jungle, a gift card start-up, and prior to that spent six years apiece at both eBay and PepsiCo.

Antonow will stay on for a transitionary period and will depart in September to work on an education project, a company spokesperson told Ad Age. Briggs will report to VP of product Chris Cox as opposed to COO Sheryl Sandberg, who Antonow reported to.

It was widely reported last week that the social network is looking at offering TV-style advertising on the site, in a move that could take precious ad revenue away from the television advertising industry.