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New Google Nexus 7 tablet smashed under drop test scrutiny

Chances are that if you’ve ever owned a mobile phone or tablet you’ve had that dreaded moment it slips from your grasp and heads towards a nice lump of concrete. Unfortunately the news for anyone looking to invest in the second generation Google Nexus 7 2 tablet is that upon picking it up all, hell will have broken loose.

The Android Authority blog recently performed a drop test on the new version of the tablet and the signs are that it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot when it comes to hitting the curb.

The tablet was dropped from around 4ft up in four different ways: on its back, on its face, on its side and on its top, and the spoiler alert is that it performed woefully.

First up was the drop on its back and from the outside it looked fine with just some minor scratches and nothing more severe than that. It’s only when Joshua Vergara, the test-pilot, decides to try to turn the device on that there’s a problem as it fails to power up. It's downhill from then onwards.

The second drop was on its side and produced some of those nasty spider web cracks to the display itself. Next, it was dropped on its top, the back cover flew off, and the device could have easily been prized open into two halves.

Finally, it was dropped on its face and this only made things worse by causing even more cracks to the screen and exposing some of what is under the Nexus 7 2’s hood.

Devices being subjected to drop tests are nothing new with most tablets sustaining significant damage with Apple’s iPads taking some huge hits to the exterior during various tests.

It’s clear tablets really aren’t designed to be dropped on the floor at all and the advice is simple – don’t drop your tablet!

Image Credit: Flickr (Dx-Dosho)