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Banks predict live video ATMs will be widely deployed in 2014

Video ATMs linked to live bank staff are being deployed across the US, reports NBC News.

The new APTRA Interactive Teller solution from NCR is enabling US banking customers to speak to live agents via a video screen integrated into the ATM interface. The hope is that it will enable people to cash cheques more speedily and help with things like withdrawals in the case of last bank cards.

With the new machines, customers can prove their identity by showing the teller their driver’s license, with the banker on the screen remotely controlling the machine and all its functions.

“We’re creating a personalised interaction that’s very secure, but also with very high functionality,” NCR vice president Brian Bailey told NBC.

As the virtual teller can see both sides of cheques as they’re deposited, if the customer forgets to endorse one of them, the machine can return that specific check to the customer for their signature.

An Interactive Teller machine can also cash a check to the penny and issue dollar bills in any denomination requested, according to NBC.

And the remote teller doesn’t have to count cash or physically enter the amount of each cheque - the machine still handles that side of the transaction.

The video teller only comes up if the customer requests one - otherwise the machine can be used like any standard cash point.

US banks may now be considering replacing tellers in banks with the machines instead, as they can potentially open up branches for longer hours without physical staff actually being there.

NCR told NBC it has about 350 Interactive Teller machines currently in service at banks, but Bailey claims the technology will be in widespread use "within the next 12 months."