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DDR3-2666 memory kit preview: Corsair Dominator Platinum vs Kingston HyperX Predator

The integrated memory controller in Intel processors has become so effective that faster RAM no longer has much of an influence on a PC's general performance. That doesn't keep manufacturers from continuing to develop high-end, deluxe memory kits. Both Corsair and Kingston recently sent us DDR3 memory kits clocked at 2,666MHz, which is much higher than the 1,600MHz officially supported by Intel. Hardware.Info tested both sets and explored their overclocking potential.

Corsair provided us with their Dominator Platinum 16GB DDR3-2666 CL10 quad-kit. It contains four modules of 4GB each, intended for Socket 2011 systems with Core i7 3960X or 3930K processors. That we're dealing with a high-end memory kit is apparent from even the packaging. The modules themselves also have a very deluxe feel to them. The heatsink is fairly large, which makes the modules relatively heavy and give them a solid impression. The DHX cooler is in contact with the memory chips and also the PCB.

Corsair used Samsung K4B2G0846D HCH9 chips for the modules. The specifications indicate that the modules work with 10-12-12 timings (CL10) at 1.65V. The modules have a DDR3-2666 XMP profile, and for compatibility reasons there is also a DDR3-1333 9-9-9 1.5V SPD profile.

A unique feature is the support for the Corsair Link system. If you have the Corsair Link module, you can monitor the temperature of the modules. The retail price of this memory kit should be around £300, according to Corsair.

Kingston submitted their HyperX Predator 8GB DDR3-2666 CL11 kit for our test. The kit has two modules of 4GB each, primarily intended for Intel Socket 1155 Ivy Bridge systems. You could also combine two kits if you have a Socket 2011 motherboard with quad-channel memory. You can read the rest of DDR3-2666 memory kit preview on