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Twitter updates mobile apps with improved ID verification and adds photo galleries to search

Twitter has unveiled updates across its iOS and Android apps that adds a new layer of authentication to the micro-blogging service as well as new photo features in search.

Users of the app now have the option to use a two-factor form of authentication that doesn’t limit them to purely relying on the SMS-based login verification system rolled out in May.

The main improvements to the app, announced in a company Blog, mean no phone number is required and that push messaging and in-application approvals are the only forms of verification needed.

Broader international support means that users can login in as long as they have the app and the app allows users to create backup codes just in case a phone is lost or for any other reason the Twitter account cannot be accessed.

Enabling the new controls is easy and can be done by accessing the “Me” tab on Twitter for iOS, or by tapping your name on Twitter for Android, and opening “Settings” before finding the “Security” option. On the page that comes up users are then asked to turn on “Login verification” and the backup code that is displayed should be written down and stored in a safe place.

In addition to these new security measures, the search feature on both iOS and Android has been improved. Photo galleries in search will mean that when photos are returned as part of search results you can select a “View more photos” option to displays a gallery of all the photos related to the search.

Users on iOS will benefit even further with user profiles having the same photo gallery so that all of a user’s photos can be easily viewed in one place.

Search queries will also benefit from more social context with users able to see how they’re connected to the person that has tweeted.

Updates to the Twitter mobile apps are commonplace with July’s update promising to “bring you closer to everything you care about” courtesy of a number of small improvements.

Image Credit: Flickr (Hankenstein)