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Adata HV610, HD710 and HE720 external hard drives previewed

A 2.5in external hard disk can provide that extra storage you need when you're on-the-go. Adata is one of the players in this market, so we tested three of their USB 3.0 DashDrive models with 500 GB of storage, the HV610, HD710 and HE720. They don't differ that much in terms of price, so we're curious to find out how they perform and what sets them apart.

We tested the 500 GB version of the Adata DashDrive HV610, available for around £65. Adata also has a 750 GB and a 1 TB version.

The HV610 stands out with its unique design. The casing of the hard drive is white, and has a plastic cover shaped like pieces of a puzzle. That cover is available in various colours, and has a slot for storing the USB cable. The HV610 weighs 210 grams, and the casing is fairly resistant to scratches and finger prints.

The HV610 is pretty fast, with USB 2.0 it achieves 30 MB/s for reading and writing. That's very close to the theoritical limit of 32 MB/s. With USB 3.0 the transfer rate is 90 MB/s for reading and 83 MB/s. Only in burst mode it is slower than the other two models in this review.

The Adata DashDrive Durable HD710, available for £67.50, comes in the same capacities as the HV610, but has a very different design. It weighs more at 250 grams, and is larger as well.

There is a good reason why Adata added "Durable" to the product name. The black and blue design gives the HD710 a rugged look. The black part has a bit of kevlar pattern, and the rubber strips come in black, blue or orange. The USB cord can be attached to the side of the casing here as well during transportation. The casing is resistant to scratching and dirt.

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