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Amazon belatedly launches digital downloads for UK punters

Amazon UK has finally added digital video game and software downloads for customers, four long years after first offering the same service to US consumers.

At launch, customers on the UK site can choose from approximately 600 software and video game titles across the PC and Mac platforms with a separate page also offering a limited number of free-to-play titles.

Some of the games now available to download include Civilization IV, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3, The Sims 3, and Tomb Raider, more serious-minded folk will be pleased to note there are software packages from the likes of Rosetta Stone, Sage, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Adobe and more.

“Customers buying software and video games who want their products quickly can now download these products straight to their computer with the click of a button. Not only is this exciting for everyday purchases but for major upcoming releases, Amazon customers will be able to get their hands on products without waiting for them to arrive in the post,” said Xavier Garambois, vice president of European consumer business at Amazon EU.

Once customers have downloaded an item, it will then be stored free-of-charge in a dedicated digital library, inside which Amazon UK members can access product keys and re-download items they already own.

The site also offers a pre-ordering service so that customers can order an item and then download it as soon as it becomes available on the store.

Amazon has been offering digital downloads in the US since early 2009 with the store also having 600 titles when it launched.