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Empowering IT innovations and reducing complexity with Unified Access

Businesses across a broad range of industries are increasingly dependent upon networked applications and communications. As these enterprises rely on their networks for customer and business processes and service delivery, the network has become a critical component for business enablement and growth. And as trends including the growth in mobile devices, bring your own device (BYOD), and Internet-enabled devices become increasingly prevalent, the importance of both the wired network and the wireless network increases.

Unfortunately, wired networking equipment and wireless networking equipment have traditionally operated in separate realms, with inconsistent features, policies, tools, and management. This increases the network administrator's burden and drives up management costs and complexity.

Cisco has recently released a new set of unified networking and management platforms designed to bring consistency and continuity to all aspects of the campus network, from the wiring closet to WLAN controllers — and everything in between.

Based on a new common ASIC that natively handles both wireless (LAN) traffic and wired (Ethernet) traffic, these products provide unified management and policies to the access network. Cisco's vision, driven by a realisation that both aspects of the network — wired and wireless — are equally important, is seeing the enterprise campus being built on the foundation of "One Policy, One Management, and One Network."

By implementing such an architectural approach to unifying wired and wireless networks, IT and network managers can introduce new levels of efficiency, gain greater levels of manageability, and improve user experience. They can improve levels of performance and flexibility while improving their security and policy stance within the enterprise. Enabling greater levels of business innovation and growth while controlling costs, IT can demonstrate how it is driving innovative value-add to the business.

For more, download the full Whitepaper here.