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Google Docs supplemented with search results

The Google Docs (and Slides) cloud service has been armed with a new trick.

Every time users go to hyperlink a word, Google search results will automatically appear below the link box. It's not just a web search either, as Google will also offer up results for other items in your Google Drive system.

In a blog post, Google said, "You can hyperlink text in Docs and Slides when you want to attach related information to a word or sentence.

"For example, when writing a paper on Athens, you can highlight 'Acropolis' and link it to a Google search result, a specific website, a heading or a bookmark in your document, or even another file in Drive."

Google said, "To try it out select the text you want and click the “Insert link” icon from the menu bar (or use Ctrl K)."

Last year a brand new toolbar arrived in Google Docs allowing users to tap into the search engine without having to leave the online productivity suite.

The "research pane" allowed users to look up maps, quotes, images and other stuff with a couple of clicks. The pane can be accessed via the Tools menu, with a right-click on a word offering research into that term or subject.