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New PlayStation 4 pre-orders not guaranteed at UK retailers

UK gamers that haven’t yet pre-ordered a PlayStation 4 will not be able to guarantee one for launch with many retailers already selling out of this Christmas’s most-sought after stocking filler.

Amazon and Asda are among the stores to have spelled out warnings that anyone placing a pre-order from August 5 or 6 onwards won’t receive the console on the day it’s released – which is expect to be around Christmas.

“Please note--due to high demand, orders placed for this PlayStation 4 console from August 6 may be received after release date. We will ship orders as soon as we receive sufficient inventory,” said a statement on the Amazon UK PS4 page.

Asda, meanwhile, updated their Terms & Conditions with the following: “Any customer who has placed a Pre-Order with Asda for a Sony PlayStation 4 console before 5th August will have their console delivered on day of launch. These amended Terms & Conditions are for all Pre-order placed on or after the 5th August now that Sony have suspended Guaranteed Day 1 Pre-Ordering.”

Even with this being the case there may be some lucky consumers that are able to pick one up on the launch day as a source close to the matter told CVG that there would be additional units available for general sale on the release day.

Sony and Microsoft are on a collision course this Christmas with the next-gen console battle pitching the PS4 against Microsoft’s Xbox One. Initial differences between the separate consoles have now given way to remarkable similarities that led John Carmack to state that the hardware in each one is “essentially the same”.

The release date of the two consoles is a closely guarded secret with the PS4 slated for “Holiday 2013” and the Xbox One’s date in “November 2013”.

Image Credit: Flickr (Insidethemagic)