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Samsung partners with Bitcasa to offer unlimited cloud storage on Ativ Windows 8 PCs and tablets

Bitcasa, a provider of unlimited encrypted cloud storage, has partnered with Samsung to have its software preinstalled on all Samsung Ativ devices, including laptops, PCs and tablets.

Unfortunately, the deal does not mean Ativ consumers will be getting Bitcasa's Infinite Storage service included, but they will get two months free if they sign up via the app.

After that, users will have to pay the flat rate of £7 a month or £69 a year. As well as unlimited storage, anywhere access and automatic backup/versioning is included.

"Working with partners, such as Samsung, to solve the capacity challenge is an integral part of our strategy," said Tony Gauda, CEO of Bitcasa.

"Frustration-free storage and sharing is the way of the future. Now Samsung ATIV PC consumers worldwide will have access to Bitcasa's Infinite Storage and never have to worry about running out of space again."

If a new Ativ owner decides not to sign up for the unlimited service, Bitcasa offers 10GB of storage for free.

Bitcasa was created in 2011 by CEO Tony Gauda, a former fraud protection systems engineer at Mastercard, and co-founder Kevin Blackham, a cloud storage veteran who was previously the Chief Operations Architect at Mozy.

The service allows users to access their data on any device and is compatible across Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OSX, and the web portal.

Bitcasa encrypts all data before it is uploaded to their servers and the company keep at least three copies of everything stored by users.