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Bloomberg pledges $80,000 to struggling Ubuntu Edge campaign

The waning Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding campaign has received a boost this week in the form of an $80,000 (£51,600) pledge from Bloomberg LP, its first corporate backer.

The cash will get Bloomberg the 'Enterprise 100 Bundle' - 100 devices plus access to best practice workshops and 30 days of online support, designed to help companies integrate Ubuntu for Android into the workplace.

"Bloomberg supports open innovation and initiatives, such as Ubuntu Edge, that align with our software development and business priorities," said Shawn Edwards, Chief Technology Officer at Bloomberg LP.

"With this investment, Bloomberg developers will contribute to an open technology initiative that could benefit our clients and have a powerful impact on the future of mobile computing."

The Ubuntu Edge, a smartphone which transforms into a desktop PC, will come preinstalled with the open source Ubuntu mobile OS, but will also be compatible with Android. When plugged into a monitor, it will run on the Linux based Ubuntu desktop OS.

Canonical, the London based developer of Ubuntu, launched the Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to produce 40,000 of the high end devices last month.

Aiming to reach $32 million (£20.64 million), if the campaign hits the target, it will be the highest grossing crowdfunded project ever.

However, with 14 days to go, the campaign has received just $8.5 million (£5.5 million) of the target. With Canonical only planning to go ahead with the project if the full amount is raised, Bloomberg may never have to make good on its pledge.

Currently, an Ubuntu Edge will cost you a $780 (£500) contribution. Canonical have said that this is the only way to purchase a device - even if the target is reached, the smartphone won't be retailed at a later date.