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Google Maps is the world's most popular smartphone app

Google Maps is the most used smartphone app on the planet with over half of all devices accessing a version of the app.

Figures from digital media agency GlobalWebIndex show that Google Maps was accessed on 54 per cent of world smartphones and was well ahead of any of its competitors.

The top of the list is dominated by Google, with YouTube being used on 35 per cent of phones, which was good enough for third place, and the Google+ social network in fourth place as it was accessed by 30 per cent of phone owners.

Unsurprisingly the other dominant group of apps involve social networking with half of the top 10 involved in this line of work. Facebook is second on the list and was accessed on 44 per cent of phones with Twitter only on 22 per cent of devices, which was good enough for joint sixth, and Instagram finishing up the 10 after being accessed on 11 per cent of devices.

The other group of apps on the list were engaged in messaging services and are headed by Chinese messaging service Weixin/WeChat in fifth place, which was accessed on 27 per cent of phones.

Microsoft-owned Skype is joint sixth with Facebook Messenger as they were used on 22 per cent of smartphones and Whatsapp, which announced plans to add voice to its app yesterday, was accessed by 17 per cent of phones and ended up in ninth.

GlobalWebIndex’s full list of the top ten most accessed apps by percentage of the world’s smartphone users is as follows:

  • 1. Google Maps – 54 per cent.
  • 2. Facebook – 44 per cent.
  • 3. YouTube -35 per cent.
  • 4. Google+ - 30 per cent.
  • 5. Weixin/WeChat – 27 per cent.
  • 6. Twitter – 22 per cent.
  • 7. Skype – 22 per cent.
  • 8. Facebook Messenger – 22 per cent.
  • 9. WhatsApp – 17 per cent.
  • 10. Instagram – 11 per cent.

Image credit: Flickr (Johan Larsson)