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Microsoft Surface RT ad takes a swing at Apple

Microsoft has unleashed a new ad for its Surface RT tablet in which it lays bare the differences between their tablet and Apple’s latest iPad.

The new ad points out a number of differences between the tablets with everything from the price to the iPad's lack of keyboard picked out by the team behind the ad.

Uploaded to YouTube, the ad starts off with iPad vs. Surface RT in white letters on a blue background thus preparing the viewer for the full-scale comparison that is to come.

First up it compares the depth of each device with both measuring in at the same .37in, and the weights of the two tablets with the iPad the lighter of the two at 1.44lbs compared to the Surface RT’s 1.5lbs. Though, as you may expect, it’s downhill from here for Apple’s tablet.

The Surface RT’s screen-size of 10.6in beats out the iPad’s 9.7in surface and the following section makes light of the iPad’s lack of integrated kickstand keyboard, Apple’s device eventually falling flat on its back like a drunk at last orders.

The ad reminds prospective buyers that Microsoft Office comes as part of the Surface RT’s package whereas the iPad has no such facility for free and the Microsoft tablet can also multi-task across apps at the same time – something the ad reports that the iPad cannot offer.

In the connectivity department, the ad makes light of the full-size USB built into the Surface RT whereas a separate adapter is required to connect USB items to the iPad. Last of all comes the knockout blow, the price, which is $499 [£321] for a 16GB iPad with the Surface RT retailing at $349 [£225] for the 32GB model.

As is to be expected from a Microsoft ad, the Surface RT comes out very much on top, yet despite all the boasts in the advertisement the Surface RT continues to perform woefully as far as retail sales are concerned.

Image Credit: Flickr (pchow98)