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Xbox One follows PlayStation 4 in charging for online gaming

Microsoft Xbox One owners will have to take out the expected paid subscription to Xbox Live Gold to access certain features on the next-gen console.

Owners of the console won’t be able to play multiplayer games online, make Skype calls, stream videos on services such as Netflix or surf the web using the device’s built in browser without an Xbox Live Gold subscription

An update to the Xbox Live Gold page revealed the features that come under its umbrella on the new console with the service likely to cost the $60 [£40] per year that it does for Xbox 360 owners.

As well as the features mentioned earlier, gamers will be able to share videos with friends using the console’s ability to record rolling samples of the player’s previous five minutes of gameplay.

OneGuide and SmartMatch are among the new additions to Xbox Live Gold’s line-up. The former looks at what other Xbox One owners watch and suggest content from YouTube and TV shows that may be of interest. SmartMatch helps to level the playing field in multiplayer games by linking players with gamers of a similar ability.

Microsoft is not alone in charging for multi-player gaming on their next-gen console with Sony announcing in June that PlayStation 4 users have to pay $50 [£32] a year for a PlayStation Plus membership to play games online.

Microsoft courted controversy with its new console when it announced the Xbox One would have to go online at least once a day. After much criticism the company reneged on this plan and with the Xbox Live Gold requirement things won’t be that dissimilar to the Xbox 360.

It’s widely expected the Xbox One will go on sale in November and go head-to-head with the Sony PlayStation 4 that has already sold out pre orders at many retailers.