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Google introduces local ads on Maps for Android and iOS

Google has introduced local ads to the updated Google Maps app, with ads relevant to users' searches now appearing at the bottom of the screen.

The strip ads, which pop up once a search has been completed, include a title, text, and a link to get directions.

Users can then swipe upwards to get more information through a new feature Google has branded 'get location details'. The additional content will include the business' address, phone number, photos and reviews.

Advertisers will be charged through the pay-per-click system with the initial 'get location details' click, get directions, click-to-call and clicks on the ad headline all being charged. There will be a charging cap of two clicks per impression though.

If a user saves business information for later, shares the information with a friend or starts navigation, the advertiser will not be charged through the system.

Despite the countless services that Google now offers, ads remain the company's key revenue stream. Considering the Google Maps app has just been named the world's most popular smartphone app, it is no surprise that the company is taking advantage of the service's popularity to gain additional revenue.

It stands to be proven whether the update really will be "more attractive for users and more effective for advertisers", as Google has argued however.