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Sony updates Vaio range with luxury new red edition laptops

Sony has released a new version of its Vaio notebooks in red for lovers of Dorothy's famous sparkling shoes. After selling out of its limited red edition for the Vaio Duo 13, the company is making it available for its family of notebooks.

Sony allows consumers to customise their own systems; buyers can decide on things ranging from processing units to operating systems. On top of adding red to its colour collection, the company rolled out some additional upgrades to its notebooks.

The Vaio red edition comes in five different models: the Vaio Duo 13, Vaio Pro 11 or 13in, and the Vaio Fit 14 or 15in. Aside from the obvious shared colour scheme, the three have a number of other features in common as well.

All of the laptops can be ordered with a choice of processors up to Intel Core i7, have touch-screen capabilities with Windows 8 Pro, and boast screen resolutions of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Additionally, the Vaio red edition includes standard Sony features like a full-size backlit and full-pitch keyboard, track pad, and NFC capabilities. The models' new design also flaunts a protective UV coating.

Sony's family of red notebooks is not without their fair share of differences, however. The Vaio Fit 15in holds the most memory (RAM) at 12GB, while other Vaio Duo 13 and Vaio Pro models each have 8GB available. The latter two also have a solid state drive capacity of 512GB compared to the former's 256GB. In addition, only the Vaio Fit red edition supports BD-RE while the other models do not have optical drives.

The new Sony Vaio red editions aren't priced for the faint-hearted, with the Vaio Fit 15in starting at $1,999 (£1,285) and the Vaio Duo 13in running a cool $2,999 (£1,930).

We've asked Sony if it plans to drop the ritzy red Vaio upgrade on the UK and will report back any information we're able to glean.