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Windows Phone App Studio sees 30,000 applications in first 48 hours

Developers have flocked to the new Windows Phone App Studio as the service was inundated with applications in its first 48 hours.

TechCrunch reports that, on the Windows Developer Show, Microsoft’s Bryan Tomlinson announced that 30,000 applications had been started since the studio was opened on Tuesday.

The company is now “throttling” use of the service due to the demand being so high with the lag time before entry is allowed thought to be no more than a day.

Windows Phone App Studio is a visual, web-based editor that is designed to make it simple for developers and non-developers to build Windows Phone 8 apps. Users of the studio can create apps without code, use custom themes and customise designs, graphics and text.

A blog post earlier this week explained that the developer phone registration process has been simplified with any developer now able to unlock and register one phone before loading it with up to two of their own apps.

Once apps are tested and ready to be published, developers should sign up for a Windows Phone Dev Center account, which is offered at a special price of $19 for the year to anyone that signs up on or before August 26. The Dev Center also includes a new “Click to Chat” option to access the various support services offered.

Microsoft launching the new studio will put a smile on the face of Nokia after it became increasingly frustrated at the number of apps available on the store. The Finnish company believe that Microsoft should be doing more to try to break up the Android and iOS duopoly. This, in their mind, will drive sales of Nokia’s Windows Phone devices that, while not being disappointing, could be better.