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LG 55LM960V preview: The best fully featured 3D Smart TV you can get on a budget?

During IFA 2012, LG showcased its beautiful 55in OLED television that will be launched later this year. Aside from having to exercise a little patience, the €10,000 (£8,600) price tag might prove to be a slight hurdle for some of us. Fortunately, LG already has a deluxe model on the market with impressive specifications. The LM960V utilises a 'Nano Full LED' backlight, extensive Smart TV features, passive 3D and on a much friendlier budget.

The LM960V was introduced earlier this year and is supposed to compete with the Sony HX850, the Samsung ES8000 and the 9000 series from Philips. LG updated the design with a newly-designed base and built in all kinds of features into the thin screen. The LM960V is available in two sizes. The 47in model is available for £1,999, and the 55in model has a recommended price of £2,599.

The LM960V has what LG likes to call 'Cinema Screen Design', which means there should be no visible edge around the screen. It's not completely accurate, as there is a very thin, silver edge. The bottom edge is a little wider, it houses the IR receiver for the remote and the light sensor. It gives the LM960V a very attractive and stylish design, not with invisible edges, but extremely thin edges.

The most noticeable physical aspect of the TV is the base, which looks like a W from above. The chrome feet stick out from the TV, and while we personally prefer a more subtle base, we have to admit that LG isn't the only manufacturer trying to be creative in this regard. Samsung and Panasonic also attempt to stand out from the crowd this way.

Apparently manufacturers are struggling to make unique designs now that most TVs are flat with barely an edge, so the only customisable component that remains is the base.

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