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Archos to storm IFA 2013 with at least 12 new Android smartphones and tablets

Archos is preparing to storm IFA 2013 with at least 12 major new product launches, according to a recent financial report released by the firm.

Outlining its plans for the second half of the year, the French consumer electronics manufacturer said it was hoping to achieve "sustained profitability" in the coming months.

With this aim in mind, it revealed that it is currently preparing a "full range" of new products to debut at IFA. The annual consumer electronics bonanza takes place in Berlin this September.

The new-look lineup will be headed up by "seven Android smartphones" and also feature at least five high-end tablets, as well as featuring a number of "thematic tablets" targeting the gaming, connected TV, and educational sectors. Archos has previously targeted specific segments with devices like the ChefPad tablet (see image, top).

Is such an aggressive product roadmap wise? That remains to be seen, but it's certainly the preferred plan of attack for leading manufacturer Samsung, which has nabbed its fair share of the headlines by peppering the market with numerous variants of its latest flagship handset, the Galaxy S4.

Some of the more notable devices at the centre of the Korean firm's all-out assault include the ruggedised Galaxy S4 Active, as well as the Galaxy S4 Zoom and Galaxy S4 Mini.

We'll be on the ground in Berlin for IFA 2013 so stay tuned for more, both in the run up to the showcase and at the big event itself. If Archos' plans are anything to go by, it looks like we'll have our paws full!